Solutions Overview

Delivering Sustainable, Last-Mile Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Efficient last-mile connectivity pairs data delivery with data demand, significantly enhancing performance for residential, commercial and carrier customers. Traditional network delivery models are closed and expensive, requiring networks to rely on inefficient regional network structures that rely on a handful of providers. Ubiquity infrastructure enables a seamless network edge wherever it is needed.

Smart Buildings

  • Modernization of residential and commercial properties, building fiber to the unit for greenfield expansions or retrofitting existing copper infrastructure to fiber
  • Design and manage extensions like Enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling seamless connectivity across all devices in or around the building
  • Increase building value and occupancy rates through additional capital

Smart Cities

  • Design, construction and management of open-access, multi-tenant networks
  • Deliver superior fiber to the premise, broadband services to residents, small businesses, enterprise, government, carriers, education and other key customers
  • Support the efficient onboarding of all connected technologies in growing communities – smart home, IoT, 5G, fixed wireless, VR/AR and emerging technologies

Ubiquity Edge

  • Delivering sustainable last-mile connectivity to Ubiquity or 3rd-party fiber networks
  • Carrier grade, build to suit
  • Next generation edge pods to support immediate edge colocation
  • Autonomous Edge Infrastructure (AEI) providing space, sustainable power and integrated fiber to support BYOB – Bring Your Own Box

Future Benefits

Smart Cities start with a diverse base of digital infrastructure, but it doesn’t end there.