California Teleconnect Fund

California Teleconnect Fund

The California Teleconnect Fund, or CTF, program provides a 50% discount on advanced communication services like internet access and broadband to qualifying K-12 schools, libraries, community colleges, government-owned hospitals or clinics and community-based organizations.

How to apply

For more information whether your school, library or health care organization qualifies for discounted fiber services and other program details, go to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) website: If your organization determines they are eligible for CTF discounts, they must then apply for approval from the CPUC to receive CTF discounts.

After submitting the CPUC CTF application via the CPUC Electronic Claim and Application Portal (eCAP system), applicants will receive subsequent communications via email on the status of their CTF application.

Once you receive notification that your CPUC CTF application is approved, submit a copy of your CTF approval notification within thirty (30) days to Netly Fiber Holdings/Ubiquity so we can begin applying your CTF discounts.

The request to initiate receiving CTF discounts on eligible services, should be submitted via email to Please include a copy of your approved CTF application, along with the associated billing numbers of the Netly Fiber Holdings/Ubiquity services that are eligible for the CTF discount.

What if my organization is currently receiving CTF discounts?

If you are a qualified organization already receiving CTF discounts, and wish to add CTF discounts to new Netly Fiber Holdings/Ubiquity services, it is your responsibility to inform your Netly Fiber Holdings/Ubiquity representative at that you are a qualifying applicant and would like CTF Discounts applied to the new service(s).

The Netly Fiber Holdings/Ubiquity service eligible for CTF discounts is Fiber Internet.