Ubiquity Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Modernization, Differentiation and Monetization

Ubiquity Smart Buildings specializes in the deployment of optimal fiber to the unit for new and over-builds. We have obtained competitive internet service provider partnerships and have tremendous owner-to-resident-friendly deployments.

Residents demand more than just improved versions of basic connectivity. While high-quality broadband is the No. 1 amenity today, this is quickly being joined by integrated automation and sustainability. Ubiquity Smart Buildings pave the wave to a truly modernized experience, delivering fiber connectivity to the unit, managed WIFI and future must-haves like Security, Access Management and EV Charging Stations. 100% capital free and delivered as a service.

Ubiquity Smart Buildings graphic
  • Modernization of residential and commercial properties, building fiber to the unit for greenfield expansions or retrofitting existing copper infrastructure to fiber
  • Design and manage extensions like Enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling seamless connectivity across all devices in or around the building
  • Increase building value and occupancy rates through additional capital